College Scholarships – How Can You Acheive Yours?

College education costs are on the rise, and college scholarships are especially important since times are very tight. You can make the education more affordable by applying for scholarships. You may get student loans, sure, but those will have to be paid back after you graduate. Scholarships won’t have to be repaid, so they will put you in the clear after your graduation.

College ScholarshipsThere is a great deal of money in scholarships that are available to students heading on to college from high school or going back to college after some time raising a family or working. Some awards are small, but some pay for full tuition. You should be able to qualify for one or more scholarships, and each can individually help you in your payment for college.

Scholarships may be based on your religious affiliation, ethnicity, community involvement, athletic performance, financial need or scholastic achievements. They are normally given out annually. While state and federal governments do award some of their own scholarships, many are funded by colleges themselves or by private organizations, businesses or foundations.

Universities and colleges offer students scholarships based on their merit, recognizing their individual talents. Civic and church groups, businesses and professional organizations may also offer scholarships. Each entity may have different criteria for their funding, or use a different type of evaluation. They will usually check your test scores and grade point average and you may also need to send recommendation letters, essays and a resume of your activities. Some also require an interview.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the first few scholarships you apply for, and don’t stop applying even after you have won a few smaller scholarships. Unless you get full tuition, every little scholarship you win will help to pay for your education costs.

There are many ways in which to learn about the different opportunities for scholarships open to you. Going for online schooling? You may want to check out the free search engines for scholarships. There are paid services that will look for scholarships for you, but they can’t find any more than you can, if you’re willing to spend the time looking. A few of the sites many students use include, and

If you’re still in high school, talk to your guidance counselor, because in some cases he or she may be able to nominate students from your high school for specific scholarships. In addition, organizations or places of employment of you or your parents may have scholarships available to members or to the children of members. You can also visit our article on career advice for more information.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t put off planning for scholarships. Some may only be for enrolled students, but even juniors in high school can check to see what’s available next year. You can practice writing essays, too. It’s not easy to write about yourself, so practice is a good idea. In addition to applying for full tuition, you can apply for scholarships with smaller amounts so that there won’t be as much competition. That will increase your chances of obtaining funding for your college education.