Doctors Have The Best Acne Treatments

Some acne treatments that you find on the market are mostly mumbo jumbo or simply magic tricks. There are a lot of reasons why doctors advise you not to take treatments that are not FDA approved. Most of them contain substances that harm not only the skin, but also the bodily functions, sometimes resulting into aggressive allergic reactions. The body is made to react to specific chemicals, and if you are not certain that what you are taking is safe, you are better off without it.

Some beauty shops tell you they have the best products in terms of acne treatments. But you have tried so many of them and you didn’t see that great of a result – if any. Or, in the worst-case scenario, you ended up with a nice rash on top of the acne problem. Maybe it’s not necessarily because the product isn’t good – maybe it’s just not fit for your specific case.

acne treatmentsIf you have been trying to get rid of acne but with no success, a dermatologist can recommend you the proper acne treatments. After a thorough examination to determine if you really do have acne, the specialist will grade the condition (4 is severe, while 1 is just a mild acne). Then, he will assess exactly what type (or even types) of acne you are suffering from, in order be able to recommend you what remedies would work best in your case and explain exactly how they work. Not every type of acne is treated the same, and results also vary from individual to individual. Everybody responds well to laser treatments, for example, and not everybody reacts to natural treatments. For that reason, it is better to ask a specialist for advice.

So keep in mind: if you see that your acne persists no matter what you’ve tried, stop wasting money on random creams and lotions and contact a dermatologist. Answer all questions he asks you truthfully. That means disclosing everything! Diet, alternative treatments, activities, everything you think that might have worsened your case. After all, it is about your appearance and your health. You must be really tired of the suffering and, with the doctor’s, help you can be rid of it once and for all. For some reason, people think that it doesn’t really matter if they hide a couple of details. And that is where they go wrong. Every detail counts. By hiding, you only delay your results.

So to make it clear, dermatologists can be real saviors when it comes to getting rid of acne – especially severe cases.  Do not underestimate them, because they have been through years and years of training for a reason. What’s more, they can offer you remedies you can’t find in beauty shops – such as powerful prescription medication or laser acne treatments.

If you are sick and tired of feeling ashamed of your skin and everything else has failed, make sure to contact a dermatologist to see what acne treatments work best for you.