Scholarships For Women – Do They Exist?

scholarships for womenSince there are scholarships for all types of athletic activities, religious affiliations and relation to union employees, it should be no surprise that there are also specific scholarships for women. Some of these scholarships are based on academic performance, and others on athletic abilities. Even if you excel in athletics, you’ll find that for each 7000 women’s basketball scholarships in NCAA Division I, there are hundreds of thousands that compete for those spots.

You can begin your scholarship search as early as you would like, since there is such a wealth of information online. You can check out the schools which you would like to attend, and then broaden the search, if you need to, to include schools that you would accept scholarships from, even if they aren’t your top picks.

Junior colleges also offer scholarships for women, and they may be based on your GPA or your PPG (points per game). It all depends on whether your prowess is in the classroom or on an athletic field. If you don’t quality for a full scholarship, check into partial scholarships. Perhaps you can combine one of these with a grant or a student loan, to pay for your college. In addition, Junior colleges also have smaller class sizes, and they may prepare you well for ongoing studies.

To make schools aware of your talents, whether they are in sports or in studies, you need to learn to market yourself. This can be as intense as any job search you’ll find later on in life. You need to promote yourself to your possible colleges, whether on an academic or sports basis. Using internet profiles can be helpful, so that you can highlight what you have to offer a college. You can also contact colleges by email or phone, to talk with student aid administrators.

If you are outgoing and energetic, as well as well-schooled, you should be able to get at least a partial scholarship for college. It may not be to the first college you would choose, but if you can settle for perhaps a smaller school, they may be more willing to help. You might also be able to transfer to a larger school after your Freshman or Sophomore year, as well.

Schools get monies for scholarships from various sources, and for grants, as well. Certain monies are set aside to be used in scholarships for women, in the hopes that they can become vital speakers and leaders of the next generation. Some scholarships may require that you are active in politics or community service.

The recipients of scholarships may have their entire tuition paid, or only a part of tuition and fees. It depends on the scholarship they are awarded. Searching online will lead you to many sources for possible scholarships for women. Just be sure that you research each one carefully, to ensure that it is an actual scholarship that can be used at a school you would like to attend.